How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan

The majority of citizens are suffering from starvation, death, poverty, and unemployment due to this disastrous pandemic. Although to prevent the spreading of coronavirus the survival of civilians must stay home and be safe. The economic, social, and political condition of the country is destroyed due to this immense breakdown of coronavirus.

How to earn money online? This topic has become the most popular and searched topic on the internet as well as in the whole world.

Everyone is in search of earning. Some want to earn for their families and to support them, a businessman needs to invest and students wish to earn for their education to reduce parental burdens.

After searching and penetrating. I’ve come to the point which I will like to share it with you so that it will be easy for you to earn money online wherever you live in this world.

Have a look!! On these methods of earning money online is enlisted below:

  • Freelancing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Graphic design
  • YouTube
  • Online teaching
  • Data entry
  • Developing websites and applications

All the above-mentioned ways require some skills and experience and the other requires time, willpower, and knowledge.


Simply, a freelancing means to write on a preferred subject. A freelance occupation is one where a person works individually, relatively than for an organization. It depends on freelancers to receive contract work from organizations, as they are eventually self-employed freelancers. A freelancer is his boss, no one can rule or control him, can set his working hours, do whatever work is convenient, establish strong relations with clients and can earn freely as much money they necessitate. 

Freelancing involves content writing, creative writing, blog writing, article writing, academic writing, translation writing, proofreading and editing, product review writing, and research and reports writing.

There are many unique and different platforms where you can practice your skills and expertise through freelancing. These platforms are mentioned below:





·      People per hour

·      Facebook posts

Affiliate marketing:

Suppose, as an alternative of practicing with the dullness and trance of the scoundrel contest to produce a few dollars. You could make money at any moment, from anyplace although you are sleeping?

That’s what affiliate marketing is all about earning online.

Affiliate marketing is the procedure through which an affiliate generates an expense for promoting other individual’s or organization’s products and sells their services. The affiliate (person who does advertising) minimally searches for merchandise they have benefit, then advertises and sells that product and produce a portion of the earnings from every sale they create. The sales are tracked via associate links from one website to another. We can also sell and advertise products by running ads on Facebook or Instagram.

Graphic design:

Rewardingly, not just a graphic designer but it is probable for inspired and artistic individuals to enhance their talent by making their own innovative designs and can earn money as much through it. According to the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), graphic design is defined as “the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.” Through different conditions, the graphic design conveys confident thoughts or opinions in an illustrative way. These visuals or graphic designs are in the form of a business logo, business card, flyers, banners, composite layouts of a website, and much more. However, the ability and advertising act as a great responsibility to really earn a livelihood design and income. The internet is filled with many websites from where you make your email, log in as a graphic designer, and receive many projects regarding your capabilities.

You Tube:

There is no doubt that you are aware of this term YouTube. Hence, the term is widely recognizable and appreciable in all over the world. YouTube is a platform where we upload videos on daily life routines and hacks, dramas, movies, comedy shows, music, politics, technical videos, food recipes, beauty tips, and also post videos on the current situations. YouTube is of no cost to utilize its resources and it can be a huge room for youth to determine new things they are similar to. The energetic generation moreover shares the videos service to follow their favorite video blogger, subscribe to famous You Tubers and celebrities they are fascinated and attracted in.

Online teaching:

As all the education activities are shut because of this pandemic, so teachers are giving education through online procedures utilizing mobile, computer, and laptop. Teachers use to deliver lectures and deliver instruction via the internet through face-to-face meetings of students and this helps parents to know about their children’s progress and can easily command them. Nowadays, this is the most practicing activity in the world to teach and learn online. Online education gives knowledge a new significance to modern culture and specialized industry practicing. This is the most modern and effective way of earning through online teaching.

Data entry:

Data entry isn’t the latest pasture it revolves around computers. Data entry is a process wherever a worker loads data, statistics, and facts and figures into a computer from further non-electronic types of data. At present, various online data entry jobs are obtainable that involve the employee to go through the data into an online folder. To achieve data entry jobs, you want to be capable and skilled at typing. At least, you are able to type 50 to 80 words per minute as per the requirements. There are many websites to come across for data entry work online, you need to act carefully while setting reasonable rates for the project so that it will become easier for the client to hire you as a newcomer.

Developing web applications:

This is the last way of earning money online by developing web applications. Web application expansion is the formation of application procedures that live on isolated servers and are transferred to the person’s mechanism through the Internet. A web application does not require be downloading and as a substitute accessing through a system. A web application can be browsed through Google, Safari, MSN, or Mozilla Firefox. The mass of web applications is obtainable in JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and HTML5. Web applications use scripts in it. The programming languages which are used for scripting are Python, Ruby, and Java. A database such as MySQL or MongoDB is useful to stock up data in web application progress and expansion.


By reading this amazing article, you’ve come across the way of earning you are supposed to do. This will lead you to think, lead you toward your skills, and improve them to achieve progress. First, you need to find your skill set if it is freelancing, graphic designing, online teaching, or whatever then learn that skill and implement it. After having a command on that skill, visit different websites according to your niche, signup then log in, and find a project so here we go!! While receiving that project, you will earn as much money you desire.

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